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Promotional Campaign

Promotions are a method of communicating your brand messages directly to your customers in order to influence their buying decision. Unlike advertising, promotions require a business to create interaction with customers on the spot. Promotional campaigns should engage methods of contact that provide direct meaningful communication with your target market.

  • Conferences and Professional Meetings

Incorporate attending industry association meetings and conferences into your promotional campaign. Attend events of organizations that directly appeal to your target customers. Introduce yourself and explain how your services can benefit them. Join planning committees for the conference or meeting to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers while learning about the issues that concern them. Host meetings for the committee in your office where you can give tours before and after the meetings.

  • Event/Program Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an essential component of a promotions campaign. Often a very inexpensive form of advertising, event sponsorship can give you the opportunity to speak to potential customers by delivering the welcome at a prestigious event or giving away your products in guest gift bags. Customers get the opportunity to associate your brand name with an event they find positive. The key is to ensure the event you have chosen is an event your customers will find relevant and high quality. Sponsor a local nonprofit event where participants can receive a t-shirt with your logo on it such as the local 5K race. Every runner will wear your logo during the day promoting your company even when you aren’t directly communicating.

  • Holiday Contest

Gift cards are a seasonal promotional campaign idea. Holiday gift cards promote your business by encouraging potential customers to come to you for a trial service/product. The great part about giving away gift cards is that they carry your brand message around with them. Ask that customers register to win in your store or on your website to keep them in touch with your business. Announce the winner on your website to ensure the contest lures new visitors to your site.

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